3 Kitchen Lighting Pitfalls to Avoid


If at all possible, don’t try to light your kitchen (or any room for that matter) with only one light source. It just doesn’t work well. Light from a single ceiling light like shown here will only illuminate the tops of people’s heads and not reach the work surfaces.


Track Lighting is wonderful – when used correctly.
But one of the most common issues we face with our remodel clients is track that is in the wrong place.
If you are trying to get light in a lot of places, like in a kitchen with all the counters and cabinets, it is tempting to just put up a track with a bunch of heads that can be aimed in all directions.
The problem is just that you will inevitably look into at least one glaring spot at any given time. In addition you will most likely block the light when you open a cabinet.

Total Makeover: Start from scratch with a lighting plan that might involve adding recessed lights and moving the electrical boxes to where they are needed for individual fixtures or track/rail.

Budget solution: Use the existing box to power a longer track or rail that is positioned better. You will have to add “L” or “T” connectors and pieces of track to get the light where you want it.
Or replace the track with a sleeker looking low voltage rail system that you can bend to go where you need your light.
Either way have the track run directly over the individual work surfaces. Mix spots and pendant lights to layer the light. Add eggcrate louvers to the track heads to reduce glare.


OK, You have an amazing, sleek kitchen and don’t want to clutter up the look. BUT not lighting it is not the solution.
You won’t believe how many times I hear: “We have huge windows and lots of natural light” when I ask about the lighting. The obvious question is: Yes, but when do you cook and entertain? Obviously after dark several months out of the year.
So, embrace the thought that Good Lighting Matters and make lighting part of your kitchen design.

Position your track right in the kitchen to avoid glare and shadows

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