3D Printing magic: Philips Hue pendants

Philips-3D Tempest Pendant
Philips-3D Tempest Pendant

At first glance the Tempest pendant light looked like just another attractive light fixture at the Philips showroom at Dallas Market.
It ‘s beautiful organic nest-like design did, however,  draw me to take a closer look. and I found out the fascinating detail, that it was created using 3D printing.
Philips co-created this 3D-printed light sculpture named Tempest in cooperation with Danish design duo Strand + Hvass and integrated it into their unique Hue ecosystem. Over 3,000 sticks are intertwined around the Hue light source.
Not quite a nest, the Tempest was according to Christina Strand “inspired by shadows you see when the spring sun shines through naked branches.” (Philips)
This was translated into a complex design, only possible when 3D printing is combined with Philips Hue. , recreating a captivating scene from nature”
The more futuristic fixture of the series, Entity, was created by design team WertelOberfell.

The Philips Hue system offers full wi-fi enabled control over brightness, colors (and we are talking about choosing from a palette of over 16 million colors!) straight from your smartphone or tablet.
You can set your lights to follow the circadian rhythm: Cooler light that fades in to wake you up and warmer light to fade out at bedtime with any color combination that fits your mood in-between .


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