Bold Bathroom Remodel

SO – what, If I’m tacky, flashy, trashy, and tasteless. If the way I live my life upsets, and offends you, JOG ON!

Bold statement from Michael @

Love that guy and his equally bold taste!

His bathroom remodel is stunning, fun and inspiring.

The incredible chandelier on an industrial metal stand is a winner. What a beauty!
Also takes care of the code issue of mounting a chandelier over a tub, yet keeps it close enough for a sparkly bath.
I’m not so sure if I am up to having a dead wild beast look down at me while I am in the tub, though. Might just be me.

47parkavenue Bathroom with Antlers

47parkavenue Bathroom Chandelier

47parkavenue 4

47parkavenue - Bathroom Chandelier

47parkavenue Ensuite

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