A pendant with glam: LBL Facette Grande

LBL Facette Grande via LBL
LBL Facette Grande
via LBL

The Facette Grande pendant from LBL shows that pendant lights don’t have to be utilitarian and boring.
With light flowing through hundreds of triangular facets in the clear bottom of the shade the fixture exudes a vibrant feel of glamour and fun.
The top of the shade repeats the facet design, but with its texturized paint it does not let light through.

Available in an incandescent as well as an LED version that is dimmable with a low voltage electronic dimmer.
A 12′ black, cloth covered cord completes the design.

With its 15.5″ diameter it is well suited for larger scaled spaces or an open floor plan.

LBL Facette Grande Pendant
LBL Facette Grande Pendant

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