Artemide and Mercedes Benz at Light + Building

Artemide Ameluna with Mercedes Benz
Artemide Ameluna with Mercedes Benz

The Artemide space at Light + Building was a feast for they eyes.

We all know the good old Tizio desk lamp. For many it is synonymous with sound and classic Artemide design.
But there is a lot more to Artemide than this one iconic lamp. A LOT more!

Product design is is only one aspect of what makes the Artemide brand so unique. Very early on they embraced the philosophy of creating Human Light, lighting that puts people and their emotions, interactions and sensations in the center.
Sounds so logical, but think about it. How often do we experience lighting decisions that were based on what fits the design and color scheme and where the actual lighting and how it affects us takes a back seat?

The Artemide Ameluna pendant light takes human centered design to a new level.
The graceful and asymmetrical shape is at once beautiful and dynamic. An innovative optoelectronic system in the frame can memorize and create lighting experiences like you find it in the new Mercedes E- Class. As the cherry on top, this is perfected with a dedicated app.

“The pendant lamp “Ameluna” stages our Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of purity perfectly. Just like our vehicles, it is a perfect combination of emotion and intelligence.” – Gordon Wagener, Vice President Design Daimler AG, via Artemide

Artemide Ameluna with Mercedes Benz
Artemide Ameluna with Mercedes Benz



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