Big light for small spaces

I often use the Tech Lighting Tele Display Jack fixture for small spaces that need an inconspicuous light that it not too wimpy.
Here we used it in the wonderful Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen that is across the parking lot from us – (where I leave a lot of my hard-earned cash. – the food is just SO good!)
It is illuminating a small area with their flour mill.
As a neat and useful detail the Tele true to its name telescopes for added reach if needed.
Tech Lighting offers a variety of fixtures that can be clamped onto a display boot wall or hard-wired to a more permanent wall with a canopy . The common name Tech Lighting chose for all of them is “Display Jack”.
I have used them on several occasions in kitchens where they add the light exactly where it is needed.

Tech Lighting Tele Wall Light
Tech Lighting Tele Wall Light

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