Light My Nest Top 2015 Posts

Maximum load for LED drivers

I really appreciate you being part of the Light My Nest community and all the support you have given me over the last year.  Our blog has received a lot of attention from launching in early 2015.  I would like to wish you and your family great 2016. Here are our top shared posts for 2015. Click … [Read more...]

Dragging in the morning? – Check your lighting

Are you dragging in the morning?

I am definitely ready for summer! This spring has been unusually dreary for New Mexico. I shouldn't complain, it's rain, after all, and we need it. But still... We all know that opening the shades to a drizzly, overcast day doesn't give us the same boost of energy as a sunny morning does. Our … [Read more...]

LED lighting and Radio Frequency Interference

LED lights can cause Radio Frequency Interference

Yesterday I was asked the following question: Any thoughts on possible RF emissions/ interference from the integrated electronics in LED bulbs – especially when many are installed? -Robert Wagner   Robert, It is true that many LED lamps cause RFI that is interfering with different … [Read more...]