Outdoor living – and lighting


Finally summer has arrived in Santa Fe, NM (which doesn't mean that it couldn't snow a bit tomorrow.) This is THE most favorite season of mine, since we practically live on our deck. Sitting there writing this. The lighting is definitely a huge factor in creating this oasis where we enjoy all our … [Read more...]

Porca Miseria!

Ingo Maurer Porca Miseria

When I first saw the Porca Miseria by Ingo Maurer I was stunned and couldn't stop photographing it from all angles. This incredible fixture resembles a dynamic slow-motion explosion of broken dinnerware. Here it is on display in the Ingo Maurer showroom in Munich, my favorite go-to spot when I … [Read more...]

Ingo Maurer Kokoro

Ingo Maurer kokoro table lamp

When I went to sign the guest book in the Ingo Maurer showroom in Munich I was intrigued by the fluid motion and the vibrant color of the paper lamp on the desk. The Kokoro by Ingo Maurer is a poetic, sensual creation that is so much more than just a table lamp. Kokoro  is uniquely intriguing … [Read more...]