Merry and Bright – San Francisco style

Huge, beautiful tree, at Macy's, Snoopy and decorated palm trees Holidays in San Francisco

I am so incredibly fortunate to get to spend a week in San Francisco every December. Hubby got work to do, and so do I: -  Some serious shopping. I am fascinated by store displays. One store trying to out-decorate the other, and with the best of the best visual designers. A feast for the … [Read more...]

Get ready for out-of-town guests

Add small festive touches in unexpected places

You are expecting a house-full of guests -  How do you make them feel at home ? Each situation is of course different. When friends or family stays at our house it very soon gets "cozy" and all possible sleeping arrangements are tested to the max. But no matter if you have spacious guest rooms or … [Read more...]

5 Tips for adding Holiday cheer for your guests

Create an inviting entry to your home

I am so proud of myself: I actually managed to decorate for the Holidays this long weekend. It was prompted by us having dear friends over for dinner. Now we just need snow to turn the outside into a winter wonderland. I love having company during this cozy, yet festive time. 1. Create an … [Read more...]