How much light do I need in my kitchen


- It depends. - Really? Is that your final answer? - Actually, yes. How much light you need depends on several factors like the colors and textures used in the space. Here in the Southwest, homes tend to have a lot of saturated, matte colors, rough textures, wood and earth tones . As a … [Read more...]

LEDs illuminating the traditional home

LEDs can be used for any decor

"My style is not that contemporary. Can I still make LEDs fit?" This is a question we hear quite frequently. The short answer is YES! Since thoughtful lighting design is all about making the lighting feel harmonious it is important to take the surroundings into account. Sleek, contemporary … [Read more...]

5 things to look for when choosing LEDs


Lumens, Watts, Color Rendering Index… With all the new terms on the light bulb boxes, how do I choose the right LED? Hear the five most important things to look for when you shop for LEDs. 1. LUMENS Lumens measures the light output. The higher the number of lumens, the more light is emitted … [Read more...]

How to choose a light bulb

Shopping for a light bulb can be daunting

If someone would have read this title to me 20 years ago I'd have thought that they were nuts. "How to choose a light bulb" - Really? Shopping for light bulbs used to be easy: A quick grab for the usual replacement 60-Watt bulb while walking down the grocery store isle. Now with hundreds of … [Read more...]