Outdoor living – and lighting


Finally summer has arrived in Santa Fe, NM (which doesn't mean that it couldn't snow a bit tomorrow.) This is THE most favorite season of mine, since we practically live on our deck. Sitting there writing this. The lighting is definitely a huge factor in creating this oasis where we enjoy all our … [Read more...]

Super bowl, snacks, friends, beer – and the right lighting

Super Bowl 2016 - Light it right!

Just the other week I was discussing the plans for a family/media room with a client. The pride-and-joy of a 70" TV was on the wall, the super comfy sofa invited me to stay all night and they were planning a super bowl party. But the lighting was creating problems, because the recessed lights were … [Read more...]

Lighting a space with a vaulted ceiling

Lighting at various heights in a room with high ceilings

Vaulted ceilings can add such character to a space. If you are the lucky owner of a home with high, vaulted ceilings, It was probably one of the reasons you chose the home and it would be a shame, if it looked like a dark dungeon at nighttime. Often vaulted ceilings are high as well, which is … [Read more...]

Get ready for out-of-town guests

Add small festive touches in unexpected places

You are expecting a house-full of guests -  How do you make them feel at home ? Each situation is of course different. When friends or family stays at our house it very soon gets "cozy" and all possible sleeping arrangements are tested to the max. But no matter if you have spacious guest rooms or … [Read more...]

Foscarini Le Soleil

Foscarini Soleil Pendant

Walked by Midtown Brasserie in London last Sunday, stopped in my tracks and just had to go in - of course because of their lighting. (Food awesome, too, but you know my priorities by now!) The Soleil pendant designed by Vicente Garcia Jiminez for Foscarini is stunning. The pendants in the … [Read more...]

Urban LED Outdoor Wall Light by Modern Forms

Urban Outdoor Wall Sconce by Modern Forms

The Urban wall light from Modern Forms features clean, contemporary lines and robust LED technology. With its ribbed back the light is distributed evenly and is free of glare. Here it is seen on the home of one of our clients, where it fits perfectly with the contemporary/classic Santa Fe adobe. … [Read more...]