Charming Oxymoron: Nostalgic LED Bulbs


You see the vintage Edison filament bulbs all over in bars, restaurants, loft dwellings, and anyplace cool and industrial . They add a lot of charm and character, but being “nostalgic” and “vintage” the downside of the real thing is their energy guzzling nature.

At Lightfair I saw several introductions of the intriguing LED vintage-look filament bulbs, and today I got my hands on some of them!!
They are awesome!
These are from Satco and I must say that the quality of the light is impressive. It is always hard to capture good photos of light bulbs, especially if you just use a smart phone like I do, but I think you get the idea.
The lamp (bulb) that is on is dimmed to about 20%. They dimm beautifully, another big bonus. Of course being LED they don’t have the color shift to warmer, more intimate, romantic color temperatures when dimmed, but hey, I’m not complaining since the light is really nice.

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