Apartment with a View

If I had a choice where to live in Copenhagen, it would probably be Holmen. This centrally located, yet water-bound neighborhood used to house the Royal Naval Base and Dockyards.  Now it houses the striking Copenhagen Opera House and a mixture of residential developments and businesses. Here illustrator and art director Nynne Rosenvinge shares a 950 sq. ft. apartment with her partner Fabio Donadoni, who is a well-known chef and their 6-year old daughter Era Ora. The apartment has an amazing 360 degrees view over the rooftops of Copenhagen. With an open floor plan that combines living and dining areas the apartment appears generously spaced and airy. Slanted windows that reach all the way to the floor bathe the dining table in a beautiful light. The living area lamps are playful with their pastel colors that go so well with the rest of the dŽcor without being too matchy-matchy.. The contemporary kitchen is small and efficient. Colorful accessories soften the minimalist look. Throughout the apartment you see modern furniture and home decor classics as well as works by Nynne Rosenvinge herself. Enjoying the photos of this apartment makes me want to start a weekend project focusing on creating vignettes in my home. I just love her wall with little objects. Via Femina.dk

Femina - Nynne Rosenvinge 8 Femina - Nynne Rosenvinge 2 Femina - Nynne Rosenvinge 3 Femina - Nynne Rosenvinge 4 Femina - Nynne Rosenvinge 5 Femina - Nynne Rosenvinge 6 Femina - Nynne Rosenvinge 7 Femina - Nynne Rosenvinge 9 Femina - Nynne Rosenvinge 10 Femina - Nynne Rosenvinge 11 Femina---Nynne-Rosenvinge-1

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