Happy National Ceiling Fan Day!

Three years ago the forward thinking people from Fanimation came up with the “National Ceiling Fan Day”.
They chose a day in the fall, September 18th, where temperatures are dropping and and invited everyone to join their cause by turning off their central cooling systems and relying on ceiling, floor, desk and wall fans to save trillions of kilowatt hours of energy consumption.

Fanimation Torto Ceiling Fan
Fanimation Torto Ceiling Fan

“If every American participates in NCFD by turning off their air conditioning and using fans for their cooling needs, the United States would save over three trillion kilowatt hours of energy consumption. That is enough energy to power the entire city of New York for months.  Not only is using a ceiling fan good for the environment, it’s good for your checkbook, too. Operating a fan can cost as little as $3 per month. That is quite a savings compared to $130+ per month to run an AC unit in a typical home.  We invite you to save even more energy by using an ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fan when celebrating NCFD.  Please, spread the word, tell your friends, get on Facebook/Twitter, and let’s make a real impact on reducing energy consumption on September 18, 2013!   #NCFD”. (Fanimation) 

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