How much light do I need for my front door?

Q: Our front yard is really dark and we just have a few solar way too dim lights leading up to the house, so I want to light up the area around my front door.
How high a wattage can I use in the lanterns that are on either side of my door?
A: Well,…. Ahem, how do I put it: There are actually a few things wrong with this picture.
Let’s start with two general outdoor lighting principles:
a – You really don’t want to create too sharp contrasts between light and shadow.
b – A little light goes a long way outdoors.

So, instead of compensating for the inadequate lighting leading up to your house by adding wattage (or lumens output) to the sconces, it would be a lot better to use only 25W (or equivalent in LED) in each of the sconces and add to the landscape lighting.
How much light to I need for my front doorThis solution is not only much more harmonious and inviting, but also safer, since severe contrasts almost act like trip hazards.

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