Lighting 1000 Colors

The “1000 Colors” puzzles by Clemens Habicht is awe-inspiring, (though maybe a bit intimidating: 1000 pieces, not two alike with the objective to place each piece exactly in relation to the neighboring color!)

Tech Lighting Element Multiples
Tech Lighting Element Multiples

At Dallas Market Tech Lighting was challenging visitors to their showroom to work together on completing 1000 Colors and I was amazed, how much progress was made during the day. One colorful piece at a time this unique puzzle came together. (Read more about Clemens Habicht and 1000 Colors here.)
An oversized recreation of this colorful image was actually what drew me to that corner. And of course it was the lighting that made me notice it.
The “1 x 4 Multiple” recessed light is so beautifully minimal and the color rendering is amazing.

“ELEMENT Multiples feature a unique patent-pending LED dome assembly enabling remarkable tool-free adjustment and locking while maintaining full center beam candle power at all tilt & rotation angles. All trims are made of cold rolled steel for excellent durability and are available in several finish, ceiling appearance and aperture configurations to accommodate virtually any aesthetic. Available in 1×1, 1×2, 1×3, 1×4 and 2×2 configurations. ” Tech Lighting

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