Louis Poulsen Enigma 835 Pendant

Louis Poulsen Enigma pendant
Louis Poulsen Enigma pendant

Growing up in Denmark I was spoiled by the wonderful Danish design surrounding me. One of the foremost distributors was (and still is) Louis Poulsen. (The iconic Artichoke lamp from Louis Poulsen is very high up on my wish list for our foyer…)

I was therefore thrilled when I saw the striking Enigma pendants installed in the new visitor center in our small New Mexican town.
The Enigma pendant was designed by Shoichi Uchiyama. It is available in several sizes. The model shown is the largest of the three.
True to the Louis Poulsen form, the light is not just a fixture, but follows their philosophy of creating lights that are beautiful in their simplicity as well as extremely comfortable in their light quality. All elements of their fixtures must serve a light-related purpose.
The Enigma emits glare-free, soft, comfortable, downward light. The shade design ensures even illumination of the surface. The matte upper surface diffuses the light, while the glossy lower surface ensures optimal reflection. (Louis Poulsen)

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