Putting the spotlight on people

We have all experienced it: looking in the mirror with unflattering light and not being happy with what we see. It’s the lighting, of course. – honestly!
Poor lighting can make you look older, tired, washed out, blah.
The good thing is that there are lighting people out there, who know this and are working on creating lighting that enhance the natural beauty of all different human skin tones.
The beauty module by Xicato does just that. I spotted it at Lightfair, at the Lightheaded booth and was impressed with the outstanding color rendering.

Lightheaded-with Xicato Beauty Model at Lightfair 2016
Lightheaded-with Xicato Beauty Model at Lightfair 2016

“Skin tones are complex and unique to every individual, with elements like skin coloring, freckles, hair, veins and fine lines contributing to a person’s complexion. Finding the right light source that is both accurate and flattering to various skin tones is therefore a challenge.

The true test of skin tone rendering is at the cosmetics counter, where lighting must be optimized for the often conflicting goals of providing comfort for customers, while making it possible to match cosmetic foundation colors to skin tone. Effective branding requires an environment in which customers feel good about themselves and leave with a strong positive impression. Matching is critical for ultimate customer satisfaction and to prevent wasteful and expensive returns.

As with the popular Vibrant Series® Xicato has once again collaborated with industry experts and researchers to develop a light source that successfully meets this challenge. During extensive cosmetic trials comparing multiple light sources, Xicato Beauty Series emerged as the light source that best balanced the accurate color discrimination of daylight, with the comfortable warmth of incandescent. Participants in the study reported feeling better and looking better under Beauty Series, and rated the light as the best overall.

Xicato Beauty Series features Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® which makes it possible to precisely tune the spectrum to deliver extraordinary clarity and fidelity with a warm, flattering ambience that is perfect not only for cosmetics concessions, but also for many other retail and hospitality settings where people are the focus. – “Xicato”




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