Ready to entertain outdoors?

Ready to entertain outdoors? Lighting can make or break the ambience.
A well-lit yard expands the living space. And when I say well-lit, I don’t mean brightly illuminated like a prison yard. It’s more about creating the mood and providing just the right amount of light to make the outdoors and your home feel inviting, comfortable and safe.
Instead of just thinking of what is a must to be lit, like walkways and entrances, see the lighting as a creative way of expanding your living space.
In the summer it allows for outdoor activities after dark and expands the living space.
In winter it makes the living area feel larger by opening it up visually. Looking out at a winterscape beats looking at large expanses of black glass once the sun sets.
For your outdoor lighting plan you want to incorporate the light that is needed for safely negotiating the outdoor areas.
Then think of the impression you can make with the right lighting. Think curb appeal at night. Make your home stand out like a gem.
Last, but not least, as the cherry on the cake, see if you can incorporate lighting that that creates visual interest, like a beautifully illuminated old tree or shimmering lights in a water feature or intersting architectural details.


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