Red, Green – or Christmas?

New Mexico might be the only state with not only a state bird, but a state question.
“Do you want it Red, Green – or Christmas?” Translation: Do you want green or red chile sauce on your enchiladas or burritos – or both.
I adore all the food associated with the Holidays. And having grown up and lived for extended periods of time in three countries: Denmark (where I grew up), Germany (where my husband is from and where our kids were born) and in the USA, more specifically New Mexico, where we have lived longer than anywhere else) the Holidays are just jam packed with dishes that have to be cooked and enjoyed.

I had seriously planned to go to my favorite restaurants in Santa Fe today and order the dishes below for photos, but we had SO many enchilladas yesterday at our annual party for our search and rescue team that the photos from Shutterstock must do the job.
I still need to fit in my clothes for our trip to Wisconsin tomorrow – where the cooking and eating continues.

Enchiladas-red or green - or Christmas
Enchiladas – The question is: red or green – or Christmas

Our friends had a Tamale Party yesterday that we unfortunately missed due to our own party. So no tamales in the freezer. Sigh.
It’s so much more fun and easier to make Tamales with a crowd instead of by yourself. Our friends give each participant a list of ingredients and then the cooking begins. This is such a great way of getting through the enormous task of making dozens of tamales by hand with multiple different fillings. Each participant gets to take a large variety home.No Holidays in New Mexico without tamales

No Holidays in New Mexico without tamales

While people are preparing tamales they have a hearty posole stew that was prepared in advance by the host.
No Holidays in New Mexico without posole, either.

and no Holidays without posole
and no Holidays without posole

So now we are heading to Wisconsin to cook our favorite Danish and German Holiday dishes. Stay tuned….



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