Restaurant find: Tempranillo Tapas Bar

Tempranillo-Basalt Colorado

Lunch in Basalt, Colorado with friends. We for sure hit it right: Chose the tapas restaurant Tempranillo and had a wonderful meal. Thought we couldn’t go wrong with sharing a bunch of tapas – and we were right! We tried five different choices and shared. All plates were “licked clean”.
Of course I was craning my neck because of the lights and had to go back and take photos. Made of large pieces of blackened copper mesh the unique fixtures throughout the restaurant looked a bit like giant bats – in an intriguing way.

Indoors the same fixtures were of copper (and less bat-like).
Our waiter told that the century-old building used to house the railway hotel and local brothel. Interesting tidbit of history.
Tempranillo- Basalt Colorado

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