Wow, your lighting is amazing!

architectural lighting must not take center stage

Have you ever walked into a space and exclaimed "Wow, your lighting is amazing"? Unless you are a lighting geek like me, probably not. Excellent lighting design often goes unnoticed, and that is just fine. It is much more important that the space is inviting and feels good. The right lighting can … [Read more...]

Color temperature matters


This week we offered something unique here in Santa Fe: A free one hour home lighting consultation. The response was enormous and we have been busy visiting unique homes throughout Santa Fe, NM. What surprised us, however, was that these were not our typical clients with remodel or … [Read more...]

Super bowl, snacks, friends, beer – and the right lighting

Super Bowl 2016 - Light it right!

Just the other week I was discussing the plans for a family/media room with a client. The pride-and-joy of a 70" TV was on the wall, the super comfy sofa invited me to stay all night and they were planning a super bowl party. But the lighting was creating problems, because the recessed lights were … [Read more...]

Lighting a space with a vaulted ceiling

Lighting at various heights in a room with high ceilings

Vaulted ceilings can add such character to a space. If you are the lucky owner of a home with high, vaulted ceilings, It was probably one of the reasons you chose the home and it would be a shame, if it looked like a dark dungeon at nighttime. Often vaulted ceilings are high as well, which is … [Read more...]

Add the warmth of copper to your walls


Santa Fe is such a creative community. I have been so fortunate to have been able to draw on all the talent our city has to offer. Just take Diego Velasquez, coppersmith. We have used his beautiful wall lights on so many projects. The warm color of the natural copper often paired with mica makes … [Read more...]

Tech Lighting Artic Pendant

Tech Lighting Artic Grande pendant and Scandia track head

I love it how Tech Lighting is thinking outside the box in their design. The Artic Grande pendant is big, bold and beautiful. The little sister, Artic, can definitely also hold its own - or can be used in a cluster over a kitchen island. Inspired by rays of light, articulating from a central … [Read more...]