Porca Miseria!

Ingo Maurer Porca Miseria

When I first saw the Porca Miseria by Ingo Maurer I was stunned and couldn't stop photographing it from all angles. This incredible fixture resembles a dynamic slow-motion explosion of broken dinnerware. Here it is on display in the Ingo Maurer showroom in Munich, my favorite go-to spot when I … [Read more...]

Ingo Maurer Kokoro

Ingo Maurer kokoro table lamp

When I went to sign the guest book in the Ingo Maurer showroom in Munich I was intrigued by the fluid motion and the vibrant color of the paper lamp on the desk. The Kokoro by Ingo Maurer is a poetic, sensual creation that is so much more than just a table lamp. Kokoro¬† is uniquely intriguing … [Read more...]

Ingo Maurer Campari Pendant

Ingo-Maurer Campari

The Campari from Ingo Maurer is a charming pendant light made from ten original Campari Soda bottles, individually detachable, surrounding a PAR lamp. The result is a charming pendant that not only provides a good, direct downlight, but sparkles with cheerfulness. The light is reflected beautifully … [Read more...]

Ingo Maurer LED Table

Ingo Maurer LED Table

This magnificent piece has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The table has 278 white LEDs embedded between two sheets of safety glass with no visible wiring. The LEDs appear to be suspended in air and emit light through both sides of the glass giving the massive glass a weightless feel. Took this … [Read more...]

Ingo Maurer Looksoflat

Ingo Maurer LED desk lamp Looksoflat

With a very fitting name, the Looksoflat LED desk lamp by Ingo Maurer has both form and function. Looksoflat is modeled after the classic Luxo task light that was designed by Arne jacobsen in 1937, but with its own special design "touch". Flat sheets of aluminum mimic the simple, overall form … [Read more...]