Wow, your lighting is amazing!

architectural lighting must not take center stage

Have you ever walked into a space and exclaimed "Wow, your lighting is amazing"? Unless you are a lighting geek like me, probably not. Excellent lighting design often goes unnoticed, and that is just fine. It is much more important that the space is inviting and feels good. The right lighting can … [Read more...]

5 Things to look for when lighting your bedroom

Good bedside reading lights

THE very first thing I notice when I enter a hotel or guest room is the lighting at the bed. To be exact, I nervously peek around the corner, hold my breath and give a sigh of relief when I have spotted good reading lamps - and have tested that they work. Even though I read a lot on my phone or my … [Read more...]

Color temperature matters


This week we offered something unique here in Santa Fe: A free one hour home lighting consultation. The response was enormous and we have been busy visiting unique homes throughout Santa Fe, NM. What surprised us, however, was that these were not our typical clients with remodel or … [Read more...]

How to stage your property – Swedish style

via, a Swedish realty and staging company with an inspiring  knack for interior design

  I always enjoy looking at the apartments offered for sale by Not because I am dreaming of giving up on our adobe abode in New Mexico and moving to Sweden, but because of their simple and inviting decor. It is hard to believe that these are staged properties. I feel like … [Read more...]