How to stage your property – Swedish style

via, a Swedish realty and staging company with an inspiring  knack for interior design

  I always enjoy looking at the apartments offered for sale by Not because I am dreaming of giving up on our adobe abode in New Mexico and moving to Sweden, but because of their simple and inviting decor. It is hard to believe that these are staged properties. I feel like … [Read more...]

Danish Holiday Deco – Simplicity Plus

via Femina - Home of designer Trine Sofie Meincke–Utzon and her husband Peter

The Christmas Holidays are big in Scandinavia. Just think about all the darkness that needs to be lit up! Long winter nights culminating during the Holiday season inspiring warm, intimately lit homes and lots of "hygge", which is a Danish term that is one of the most difficult to translate, but … [Read more...]

Hope – a pendant by Luceplan


I just stumbled across this photo in one of my favorite Danish magazines, Femina. It shows the striking pendant light Hope from Luceplan. Named after the Hope diamond it exudes similar sophistication and glamour - with a touch of fun, party and sparkle. Made from thin polycarbonate Fresnel lenses … [Read more...]

Don’t be afraid of white walls


This apartment in the heart of Copenhagen is home to Marie Graunbøl, her husband Jonas and their daughter Elin Mildrid. After many years abroad they have finally settled in their native Denmark and have renovated this 1300 sq ft apartment to fit their lifestyle. One of their mantras while they were … [Read more...]

Small is beautiful: 460 sq ft of Scandinavian charm

via Alvhem

This apartment downtown Gothenburg, Sweden reminds me a lot of an apartment we rented downtown Copenhagen not long ago. It is in a wonderfully central location in Goteborg and was staged by the Swedish realtors Alvhem Markleri. The interiors show the lightness of Scandinavian design that make 460 … [Read more...]