Danish Holiday Deco – Simplicity Plus

via Femina - Home of designer Trine Sofie Meincke–Utzon and her husband Peter

The Christmas Holidays are big in Scandinavia. Just think about all the darkness that needs to be lit up! Long winter nights culminating during the Holiday season inspiring warm, intimately lit homes and lots of "hygge", which is a Danish term that is one of the most difficult to translate, but … [Read more...]

Nordic home with comfort, charm and style

The Artichoke pendant from Luois Poulsen, via femina.dk

The home of Adina and Bjørn Erik Broady Aasebø  is filled with light. The walls and floors are white and the color palette muted, which makes all spaces feel light and airy. The overall look is clean and uncluttered, which makes it easier to add accessories to reflect the changing of seasons and … [Read more...]