How to stage your property – Swedish style

via, a Swedish realty and staging company with an inspiring  knack for interior design

  I always enjoy looking at the apartments offered for sale by Not because I am dreaming of giving up on our adobe abode in New Mexico and moving to Sweden, but because of their simple and inviting decor. It is hard to believe that these are staged properties. I feel like … [Read more...]

5 Tips for adding Holiday cheer for your guests

Create an inviting entry to your home

I am so proud of myself: I actually managed to decorate for the Holidays this long weekend. It was prompted by us having dear friends over for dinner. Now we just need snow to turn the outside into a winter wonderland. I love having company during this cozy, yet festive time. 1. Create an … [Read more...]

LEDs illuminating the traditional home

LEDs can be used for any decor

"My style is not that contemporary. Can I still make LEDs fit?" This is a question we hear quite frequently. The short answer is YES! Since thoughtful lighting design is all about making the lighting feel harmonious it is important to take the surroundings into account. Sleek, contemporary … [Read more...]

How to choose a light bulb

Shopping for a light bulb can be daunting

If someone would have read this title to me 20 years ago I'd have thought that they were nuts. "How to choose a light bulb" - Really? Shopping for light bulbs used to be easy: A quick grab for the usual replacement 60-Watt bulb while walking down the grocery store isle. Now with hundreds of … [Read more...]

Lighting ideas for your balcony and deck

Finnegan keeping my spot warm on our deck

When you have a nice balcony, deck or patio you want to enjoy it as much as possible. Especially for city dwelling with tighter living quarters, a balcony offers a welcome extension to the living space. Candles of course add instant atmosphere. The warm flickering glow is romantic and relaxing. But … [Read more...]