Tech Lighting Mirror Kits

Tech Lighting Rae Mirror Kit
Tech Lighting Rae Mirror Kit

Our clients are raving about this incredible mirror light by Tech Lighting.
It is just so beautiful in its simplicity and the light quality is amazing!

It is available in different CRI (Color Rendering Index) qualities. I’d definitely always pay a bit extra and go for the highest quality.

The Rae mirror kit by Tech Lighting consists of a special co-extruded remote phosphor LED channel which hugs a high-quality mirror in three mirror configurations, single, double or triple mirror. The LED channel provides an amazingly slim profile—less than 1” deep with flawless, even illumination and superior color reproduction.
The Rae mirror kit comes complete with 3.9 watts per foot of LEDs to create 300 lumens per foot of white light. Available in four CCT options and two CRI options.

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