Tired of flickering LEDs? Look to Soraa.

Soraa LED MR-16, form and function
Soraa LED MR-16, a true example of product design with both form and function

SORAA New Generation LED MR-16s

As most of us know by now LEDs tend to have a flickering problem, especially when they are used with dimmers. The issue ranges from irritating visible flicker to unseen biological effects and the nuisance artifacts (black stripes) on photos taken with electronic cameras, like an Iphone.

At Lightfair 2016 Soraa will present a true flicker-free MR-16 with an improved digital LED driver.
New advancements in technology has allowed them to create this MR-16 with the same light output paired with even lower power input and less power being wasted as heat. Can’t wait to see it – and get to use it!


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