To Tizio or not to Tizio

Artemide Tizio
Artemide Tizio

As the owner of a lighting showroom I get to pick the lighting for my office, better yet, I get to redecorate as often as I want! (My trusted electrician will attest to this with rolling eyes!)

I see my office as my lighting lab. Ok, that’s a good excuse and it sounds really professional, but the truth is that I LOVE good lighting fixtures and portable lamps, their looks, what they do for my room and my mood. I just can’t make up my mind and stick with one single desk lamp when there are so many great ones out there.
Talk about “pools of light”, “intimate focal points” – I have them!

The Tizio desk lamp from Artemide is of course a given choice for a contemporary desk.
Designed in 1972 by Munich-born designer Richard Sapper it has gained iconic status because of its unique design. It is in the permanent collection of MOMA.
The charm of the design is the fully adjustable, perfectly balanced arms that act as conductors, so no visible wires are necessary.
Below is my old office (since re-decorated) and  just in case you are wondering: Yes, it had walls covered in corrugated metal. It was easier to build than with sheetrock, much easier for running conduit for my constant wiring changes – and I love the look!

Artemide Tizio 35
Artemide Tizio 35


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