Urban LED Outdoor Wall Light by Modern Forms

Urban Outdoor Wall Sconce by Modern Forms
Urban Outdoor Wall Sconce by Modern Forms

The Urban wall light from Modern Forms features clean, contemporary lines and robust LED technology.
With its ribbed back the light is distributed evenly and is free of glare.
Here it is seen on the home of one of our clients, where it fits perfectly with the contemporary/classic Santa Fe adobe. (I love their front door of 100+ year old reclaimed wood and metal!)
Modern Forms is a sister company of WAC Lighting and saw its debut early 2013 with an impressive introduction of more than 26 families and 160 styles. More unique designs have followed since and it is definitely a product line to took for.
Their introduction says it all:  “I am Beautiful.  I am Awesome.  I am Sexy.  I am Proficient.  I am Whimsical.  I am Design. I am Conversational. I am Clever.  I am Engineered.  I am Passionate. I am Future Forward.  I am Unique. I am Interesting.  I am Considerate.  I am Courageous. I am Innovative.  I am Amazing.  I am Ingenious. I am A Rebel. I am Attractive. I am Responsible.  I am LED.”



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