Water Balloon Room

Vortex: A Dynamic Display of Energy Consumption

In 2012 The Darwin Ecosystem Project transformed old vacant barracks in Bordeaux into a sustainable business hub.
This year 1024 Architecture added a striking light sculpture, the Vortex, that envelops a footbridge between two buildings within the complex. Scaffolding and raw pieces of lumber wrap around the bridge that arches across a central courtyard. 12 LED strips are integrated into the sculpture and are brought to life with MadMapper software created by 1024 Architecture. The software allows the colorful lighting to be synchronized to music and displays the energy consumption of the complex through a series of illuminated tubes.

TORAFU ARCHITECTS - waterbaloonroom_04_Masaki_Ogawa-2

Torafu Architects waterbaloonroom_02_Masaki_Ogawa

TORAFU ARCHITECTS - waterbaloonroom_032_Masaki_Ogawa-2

TORAFU ARCHITECTS - waterbaloonroom_02_Masaki_Ogawa-600x424

TORAFU ARCHITECTS - waterbaloonroom_02_Masaki_Ogawa-2

TORAFU ARCHITECTS -waterbaloonroom_04_Masaki_Ogawa-600x400


Photo Credits:  Torafu Architects

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