What we do counts

“What we do counts.” This simple message stopped me in my tracks at Light + Building last week.
In these politically charged times and now only a few days after the terrorist attacks so close by in Brussels,  it resonates deeply with me.
In situations like this it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless because we as individuals can’t do much. But then again – What we do counts.

Ingo Maurer: What we do counts
Ingo Maurer: What we do counts

No matter if we are talking about great accomplishments for mankind or just a simple smile of encouragement, actively fighting against evil or just speaking up – it all counts.
This little LED fixture has such a potent message – and it leaves us room for our own messages as well.
One side of the speech bubble with integrated LED has the Ingo Maurer’s message. The other side is a blank slate for additional messages.  The desk lamp comes with an erasable marker, so you can add your own message of the day.

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