Will vintage Edison bulbs soon be banned, too?

Vintage Edison bulbs are here to stay - for now.
Vintage Edison bulbs are here to stay – for now.

Many have asked us if the exposed-filament bulbs, reproductions of Thomas Alva Edison’s first light bulb will be available in a few years.

So far the answer is yes.
Because they don’t produce enough light they are considered specialty bulbs and are not included in the higher federal efficiency standards that gradually begin taking effect in 2012.

This said, no light bulbs have actually been “banned”, but all light bulbs are now required to meet a minimum efficiency standard which most standard incandescent light bulbs just can’t meet.

I am very aware of  the need to conserve energy , yet drawn to these wonderfully warm vintage lights, so it is my recommendation to use them only as accents, like candles.
Use the more efficient light sources for the majority of the illumination for your home.

They actually last quite a while if dimmed, and in my opinion are a low-cost way of adding ambiance to a space.

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