Wow, your lighting is amazing!

Have you ever walked into a space and exclaimed “Wow, your lighting is amazing”?
Unless you are a lighting geek like me, probably not. Excellent lighting design often goes unnoticed, and that is just fine.
It is much more important that the space is inviting and feels good.
The right lighting can make a space appear more generous or intimate, vibrant or cozy without actually drawing attention to itself.

architectural lighting must not take center stage
architectural lighting must not necessarily take center stage

It’s usually not a matter of spending a lot more money on your fixtures, but just paying attention to the basic principles of lighting a space.
In a nutshell:
1. Ask yourself what the activities are that take place in the space and add the lighting needed for those.
2. Use multiple “layers of light”. Don’t ask one central light or the recessed cans to do the job, but use several different light sources for ambient, accent and task lighting.
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